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Recycle Crafts

This course teaches students to use daily recyclable materials into decorative ornaments and gifts, whilst imparting the importance of recycling and an appreciation of our environment. ...


CNY Lantern Making

This course introduces the art of Chinese New Year Lantern making, using materials ranging from traditional Chinese red packets to a myriad of attractive decorative accessories. ...


China Knots

Chinese knot tying has metamorphosised centuries after centuries to become the intricate and exquisite art form it is in the modern age. The plethora of different knots is used to symbolise both passi ...


Mask Painting

Masks have long been played an integral role in traditional Chinese Opera acts. The multi-faceted metaphorical layers of each mask move beyond simple explanations of behaviour – they possess subtle hi ...


Pressed Flower Crafts

In this introductory course to the art of Pressed Flower Crafts, students are taught to appreciate nature and to create an art piece by arranging beautifully dyed flowers on varying objects. ...


Jewellery Making

Students are introduced to the art of making jewellery such as pendants, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and watches by using crystals, nylon strings and attractive decorative accessories alongs ...



To be an instrumental ambassador in bringing about an advent of traditional Chinese culture