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Zodiac Seal Package

Individually hand-carved by a master seal engraver, the Zodiac seal package is the ideal gift on occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries or for new born children. Each seal package comes with a specially designed card describing the unique character of each individualistic animal. The Zodiac is engraved on the traditional SHOU-SAN seal presented in a customized hand-made box.

Price: SGD$250.00


Chinese Seal Engraving

We provide the service of custom-making traditional Chinese seals according each invididual's needs. Simply mail us your name and requeset, we will be able to design your seal in traditional literati's manner. We can also assist in translating your name to Chinese characters.

The charges for engraving Chinese characters are as follows:

Positive Engraving
The Chinese characters will appear in red as shown on the left.

SGD$200.00 per Chinese character

Negative Engraving
The Chinese characters will appear in white as shown on the left.

SGD$200.00 per Chinese character

We will only engrave on traditional seal stones. We do not provide the service of engraving on metal, wood or any other hard materials such as jade.

For any commissioned work, a minimum of 2 Chinese characters must be engraved. The engraving of seals will take a minimum of 7 working days to be completed. This excludes the time needed for mailing or delivery. We reserve the right to extend this period of time indefinitely. Additional charges apply if the work needs to be completed at an earlier date.

The surface of the seal print should not be smaller than that of 2cm square or exceed 3cm square.


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